Commitment Ceremony

Congratulations upon deciding to formally and publicly commit to one another.  It will be my honour and privilege to work with you both to make this a very special and memorable day.

Lorne is a stunning location for a ceremony, but I am also prepared to go to Paris.

You tell me, I make it happen.

I will work with you to craft such a celebration.

Lorne’s natural beauty provides many possibilities for you to consider.  My local contacts will make your wishes a reality.

After your initial contact with me we will arrange our first face-to-face meeting where we will discuss your ceremony requirements, this meeting is free of charge.

At this meeting I will explore with you and your partner your ideas of how to create your personal story, included will be your preferences for:

  • Your story
  • Venue/location/date
  • Family Involvement
  • Vows
  • Music
  • Readings/poetry
  • Colours
  • Flowers
  • Photography/videos

In your relationship you have found love.  I want to help you celebrate that love in a unique way.  Your ceremony can be stylish, relaxed, fun and inclusive, but if you would rather, traditional.  I believe my personal qualities and beliefs reflect a changing world that wants to embrace diversity through love.

Once you make your decision and if I am your celebrant of choice the following occurs:

  • You pay a non-refundable deposit which is fifty percent of the agreed fee.   
  • We organize a second face-to-face meeting.

At our second meeting we will refine the previously discussed elements of your ceremony.  We will explore sample services and content options.  At this meeting we will refine your personal story.  I will always be available to assist you both to meet any changes or additions that you wish.



A rehearsal should be held about a week before the ceremony, ideally this should be arranged at the venue or site, with the entire ceremony party. I will provide a PA system and a signing table and chairs.



I will be at the venue (Paris) at least one hour prior to the start of the ceremony to ensure that all is in order, and to address any last minute issues.  At the end of the ceremony, I will present to you a folder containing a certificate that honours your union.



Renewal of Vows

The renewal of vows can celebrate milestones in a marriage.  The ceremony can publicly affirm your love and commitment.  It may be a watershed for further life adventures.  I am available to create such a ceremony.

I can craft a ceremony that is low-key or traditional.  We can have fun or  be formal.  I can journey to exotic places or celebrate in the surrounds of beautiful Lorne.

Ring Stephen to discuss your renewal of vows or other ceremony plans on 0419 123 695



Naming Ceremony

I will create with you a ceremony to celebrate the birth of a child, unite family members or to celebrate an adult name change.

Lorne is a stunning location to welcome a member of your family, to invite other family members and friends to play a supportive role in the child’s journey into adulthood.

Naming ceremonies are not a baptism or christening.  However, you may wish to include a religious reading or prayer.  Naturally, having this ceremony does not prevent a religious ceremony at a later time.

Ring Stephen to discuss your wedding plans on 0419 123 695